Humane vs. Inhumane: Apple Factories in China

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There have been lots of news lately about the Apple factories in China where they make the iPad, iPhones, and other products. Of course Apple isn't the only country with cheap labor overseas, but is it right or wrong for Apple to outsource jobs to China, forcing workers to stay for 60-70 hours a week at a time? There are reports that because of the high suicide rates they have put up nets so workers can't kill themselves by jumping off a building. What do you think about the Apple factories in China? Humane or Inhumane?


2 Votes to “Humane vs. Inhumane: Apple Factories in China”

  • Shawn

    It’s definitely inhumane if the children are forced to work. Children need to be able to enjoy their early years without being put into this slavery. Shame on Apple.

  • Nickolas

    These factories are terrible and need to be shut down! Let’s remember that slavery in America was also legal for many years before people wised up. Foxconn and Apple shouldn’t do this!