Blake Griffin vs. LeBron James: Who's dunk deserves DUNK OF THE YEAR?

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Blake Griffin Monster Slam Dunk

Blake Griffin Monster Slam Dunk

Blake Griffin's monster jam on Kendrick Perkins during the Clippers' 112-100 victory over Oklahoma City on Monday night is being described by many as the dunk of the year. The same phrase was being used all day on Monday after Miami's LeBron James electrified the NBA with his one-handed dunk while flying over Chicago's John Lucas III on Sunday night. Clippers guard Chris Paul said of Griffin's dunk: “That's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.” Blake Griffin vs. Lebron James


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3 Votes to “Blake Griffin vs. LeBron James: Who's dunk deserves DUNK OF THE YEAR?”

  • anonymous

    I think its too early to dismiss DeAndre Jordan’s alley-oop over Brandon Knight. That dunk is still in this race.

  • Andrew

    Griffin had an absolute monster dunk, Lebron has a lot of them too. I think Blake just throws it down with so much more authority and passion!

  • Shawn

    Even though I think he’s WAY overrated, I will admit that LeBron’s dunk was impressive. However, Griffin…WOW! Definitely dunk of the year. Maybe one of the top 10 dunks of all time! Have you ever seen such power when dunking the ball. This guy is ridiculous. Imagine how good he would be if he had never gotten hurt. Wow!