Boycott Vs. No Boycott

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A&E fires Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty for agreeing with the Bible even though it was not politically correct. When companies disagree with Biblical teachings, should Christians boycott that company even when it hurts many innocent employees who may not support the decision? You make the call. Christians should…

Boycott VS. No Boycott.

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4 Votes to “Boycott Vs. No Boycott”

  • Wow cuz this is great job! Congrats and keep it up

  • I believe we should stand with businesses that espouse our biblical worldview and avoid those that we believe are harmful and detrimental. I believe the marketplace offers the quickest and harshest of punishments. The problem with boycotts is maintaining a “true” and effective message.

  • “The opposition to Christ and all human institutions and customs is to be recognized. Yet the antithesis does not lead to Christian separation from the world. Christ is seen as the converter of man in his culture and society.” – Richard Niebuhr (Christ & Culture) It is our business to be in the ugly in order to offer truth. Separation offers no dialogue. Christians should state truth without threat. Sharing with a company your diisappoint is appropriate, but threats are not. We are not dealing with corporation thinking, we are dealing with individuals.

  • Anonymous

    They absolutely should boycott these companies.

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