Sin vs. No Sin: Is Homosexuality A Sin?

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People for and against same-sex marriage demonstrate outside the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston

The controversy of homosexuality has continued to increase as gay people take on prominent roles as parents and married couples throughout America. The debate hit national attention when A&E fired Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. No where is the conflict more heated then within the Church where religious leaders have condemned homosexuality by calling it a sin that is clearly defined in the Bible. However, for millions of gay people around the world, there is nothing inherently sinful about their sexual preferences. So, what do you think about homosexuality? Is it…

Sin vs. No Sin?
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6 Votes to “Sin vs. No Sin: Is Homosexuality A Sin?”

  • Anonymous

    its a sin look at leviticus 18:22

  • dalton


  • RayP

    There seem to be more “sins” committed by heterosexual relations. Having babies out of wedlock, or even within wedlock that are not wanted, and not providing a balanced parental environment where a child is proved with love and guidance is a greater sin than killing someone. This is the creation of a life that becomes emotionally scarred.

  • Cole

    Nobody is debating whether it is a sin or not. It’s clearly defined in the bible. The issue, at least to me, is whether it is moral or immoral. In this regard, it is in no way immoral because it doesn’t hurt anybody. (And yes, there is a difference between a sin and something that is immoral whether you like it or not)

  • chris

    gross. if the puzzle pieces dont fit…just saying…

  • George S.

    REALLY! Is this debate really going on? Of course it’s a sin. Those who debate otherwise simply like the sin their involved in and don’t want to change. Before I gave up getting drunk and partying I thought it was no one’s business what I did with my own life. But, after reading the Bible and seeing that it IS clearly wrong I quit getting drunk. It’s the same with gays. It’s wrong. Who can debate otherwise unless you simply leave the Bible out of the issue all together, then you are in a whole new debate!

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