Death vs. Life: Should James Holmes (Colorado Massacre Suspect) get the death sentence or life in prison?

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On the morning of Friday, July 20th, James Holmes walked into Century 16 movie theater in Colorado and began one of the most brutal killing sprees in US history. Holmes, dressed as The Joker, killed 12 innocent movie goers and wounded 58 others. Now it's his time to meet his fate like the 12 he murdered. Should James Holmes be put to death (if so, how? electric chair, lethal injection, hanging, torture?) or simply put in prison for the rest of his life? You be the judge…
Death vs. Life
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5 Votes to “Death vs. Life: Should James Holmes (Colorado Massacre Suspect) get the death sentence or life in prison?”

  • the one who hates james holmes

    something wrong oh yeah he did do something wrong way wrong to the point where wrong is not even the term i want to use he deserves to die and rot with the rest of the filth in the world ruining the dark night movie damn him to hell

  • Trey

    i went to a premiere that night at old town 14 that could have been my theater. DEATH

  • Yolanda Schecuk

    REALLY! Sure he did something wrong, but an “animal”? He is a person. He dosnt need to be killed. We would be doing the same thing he did and just as guilty! Life in prison.

    • Anonymous

      Really?! “Something wrong”?!

      An animal that needs to be put down. Yes, that about sums it up.

      After a trial, if proven guilty, he should be executed. To equate that with his cowardly murderous act is senseless.

  • Allen

    This guy is an animal and needs to be put down!