Yes vs. No: Is Jeremy Lin the real deal?

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What's your opinion of Jeremy Lin?

There is no doubt Lin can play. He deserves credit for averaging 25.3 points and 8.3 assists in leading the Knicks to a three-game win streak, virtually two of those games without the services of Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. But now that Lin has captured everyone's attention, stealing headlines on “SportsCenter” and beyond we can't help but ask: Is Jeremy Lin the real deal?
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7 Votes to “Yes vs. No: Is Jeremy Lin the real deal?”

  • knickerbockers

    Jeremy Lin is for real, he’s a beast and plays with heart. I loved watching the game tonight and hope he keeps it up!

  • Keith Brown

    Lin is the real deal for sure!

  • Lin is the real deal for sure!

  • Lin is the real deal for sure!

  • BenKC

    Lin is the real deal as long as he keeps playing and gains more experience

  • Chris Rae

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lin! Linsanity too with ya Minh! He’s great. I enjoy watching him play, he plays hard, he’s smart *(from Harvard)*, and good. I’m not sure if he’s as good as Nash, but you’re right Minh, he’s amazing. I definitely vote that he’s the real deal!

  • Minh Vi

    Linsanity baby! K-N-I-C-K-S, K-N-I-C-K-S, K-N-I-C-K-S! Linsanity. He is simply amazing. I think he’ll be ask good if not better then Nash.