LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant: Who’s better in the clutch?

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Both LeBron James and Kevin Durant are Superstars. Durant led the league in scoring with 28 points per game while LeBron took home the NBA MVP award. Statistics are simply indicators of potentially great players. However, what matters the most is if a player comes through when “it” matters.

So, who is better in the clutch (final minutes of a close game)?
LeBron James or Kevin Durant
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2 Votes to “LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant: Who’s better in the clutch?”

  • chris

    really! Lebron is so over rated. True Durant hasnt done much either but at least he stays quite and is not all hype.

  • Mark

    While Lebron hasnt proven much…Durant has yet to prove anything. 5 years from now I might change this vote but for today I got bron!!!

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