Amazing vs. Disgusting: What's your opinion of Madonna?

Vote on this poll now! This survey was posted February 4, 2012 in the Celebrities opinion polls section by versusALI.
Madonna performs at the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna will perform at the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna is performing for the halftime of Super Bowl XLVI even though she definitely has polarizing fans and critics. The 53-year-old singer will make her major performance since the end of her Sticky and Sweet tour in 2009. During a press conference, she revealed she was “so excited and incredibly nervous” before breaking into a salsa dance. “This is a Midwesterner girl's dream to be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show,” said Madonna, who was born in Bay City, Michigan. With all her accolades, what's your opinion of Madonna? Amazing vs. Disgusting. Vote now and comment below!


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4 Votes to “Amazing vs. Disgusting: What's your opinion of Madonna?”

  • Hind

    Yes yes yes on Madonna!!!! Go girl! No one can compete with u!!!

  • Hind

    Madonna is amazing, she’s an inspiration, she’s a great performer, and she looked like a diva on stage. The whole show was perfect! The entrance was spectacular !!!!!! I looooooove her!!!

  • Nancy Salmon

    Madonna makes me sick to my stomach. She’s so trashy and acts so nasty. I wish the Superbowl would let more family friendly people sing so that my kiddos could watch. Hopefully there’s no wardrope malfunction with her! What a disgrace for the NFL.

    • Madummy

      Not excited about this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, I vote NO Na NO on Madonna!!!