Mormons ARE Christians vs. Mormons are NOT Christians: What do you believe?

Vote on this poll now! This survey was posted October 29, 2013 in the Religion opinion polls section by versusALI.

Due mainly to Mitt Romney running for President, in the past several months media has been talking about Mormonism. Romney claims that he follows Christ and labels himself a Mormon. On the other hand, traditional orthodox Christianity says that Mormonism is a cult. So what do you believe? Mormons ARE Christians vs. Mormons are NOT Christians. Vote Now. And don’t forget to comment then debate afterward on this poll. Religious debates can be very heated, so let’s hear your opinions! It’s Mormons vs. Christianity, what do you believe about this issue?


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5 Votes to “Mormons ARE Christians vs. Mormons are NOT Christians: What do you believe?”

  • Darla

    If you define Christians as believing in Christ, Mormons are defineitely Christians. You know their church is called the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

  • nick

    I think Mormons eliminate themselves from being called Christians based on their belief system. They are NOT Christians, and shouldn’t call themselves that. If you read the New Testament, and have any idea the principles Jesus and the early apostles outlined, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

    • Andrew

      The polls show most believe Mormoms aren’t Christians, thats just the facts.

      • Anonymous

        but dude there has only been 18 votes….just pointing it out so dont flip out on me

    • Anonymous

      oh and btw they do also read the old and new testament….just saying