Barry Sanders vs. Emmitt Smith: Who was the better running back?

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Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith both had Hall of Fame careers. Emmitt finished his career as the number one all-time leading rusher in the NFL. Barry surprisingly walked away at the peak of his career forfeiting his chance of statistically being the best running back to play the game. You decide who was better. It’s… BARRY SANDERS vs. EMMITT SMITH on

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5 Votes to “Barry Sanders vs. Emmitt Smith: Who was the better running back?”

  • Perry Robinson Robinson

    I think they both were great Barry was elusive and had great speed but I’m not to much into the what if’s and Emmitt to me was the better all around back Jimmy Johnson made the Cowboys and his star players the beat in the 90s it is what it is the facts are the fact look at the stars and rings

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  • Razor21

    Oh and that offensive line arguement… Dallas’s o line gave up just as many sacks as Detroits did. Crazy huh…

  • Razor21

    Barry had just as good an offense as emmitt. With 2 1k receivers usually playing with him. Barry had no rings. Sucked in crunch time. Leads the world in lost yardage. The signed a contract, took the signing bonus, then proceeded to quit. Emmitt>Barry

  • Chris

    There’s no comparison. Barry was by far the best.

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