Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady: Who is better?

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Who would you rather have on your team? Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady - Vote Now. Tim Tebow has been the most popular player in the NFL, if not the world this year, yet he has no Super Bowl wins! Tom Brady on the other hand, has many championships and dates an international supermodel. Tough choice huh? Who is better, and who would you rather have if you were starting your own Football team? Vote now, and don't forget to comment then debate afterward. What the world really thinks…versusALI.com


9 Votes to “Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady: Who is better?”

  • Andrew

    I’ll take Tim Tebow on my team any day, but Tom Brady for the win!

  • dalton

    tebow is better

  • Luke

    Tebow win or lose is playing for the Man upstairs and that’s what matters. Col 3:23

  • Brady – I like to win

  • Anonymous

    Tebowing right now

  • Anonymous

    Tim Tebow! He knows what he stands for.

  • Hummertime

    Tebow is a fluke. Great guy, but bad QB.

  • TyphoonClyde

    Tebow has how many Superbowl rings? EXACTLY. I’d talk Tom Brady over Tebow anyday of the week!

    • vers1786

      Thanks TyphoonClyde for your comments!