Versusali.com started as a debate between two friends on who would win if Mike Tyson fought Muhammad Ali. The conversation then went from Tyson vs. Ali to Joe Lewis vs. Ali…then Chavez vs. Ali…then…

We love to debate…a better running back Barry Sanders vs. Emmitt Smith…better looking Cindy Crawford vs. Pamela Anderson…a better President Bush vs. Clinton…Pro-abortion vs Anti-abortion…mountains vs. oceans…and the lists go on and on and on…

So welcome, Versusali.com!

Versusali.com was also started to see what the pulse of our world REALLY is by instigating real life scenarios for honest opinions. When someone runs for president there are polls that come out stating how far ahead each candidate is “supposedly” leading by. However, it always seemed odd that I never got polled. Where’s these people who are “supposedly” polling to get us these “accurate” numbers. What about controversial issues such as abortion, homosexuality, etc. I constantly read national papers telling me what the “average” American believes. How would they know? They’ve never asked me. Am I not an “average” American? And who is “They”?

Let’s turn off CNN, Foxnews, ESPN, TMZ… and find out for ourselves the REAL pulse of our world with some honest polls…is it Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali? Let the fight begin…


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