Yu Darvish an Ace vs. Yu Darvish a Bust: Texas Rangers

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Yu Darvish signs with the Texas Rangers for 6yrs, $60M. Will Darvish be an Ace in MLB or be a bust? Darvish an Ace vs. Darvish a Bust -

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6 Votes to “Yu Darvish an Ace vs. Yu Darvish a Bust: Texas Rangers”

  • dalton

    yu darvish has amazing stats.I think he’ll be awesome

  • Joshua

    ACE, or more likely a solid #2. All you who think the Rangers can’t do right or that all Asians can’t transition to the MLB. You’re either watching reruns of Hick’s Rangers of a few years ago or all you can think of is NoMo. The Ranger scouts in the Pacific Rim are highly rated, they no what they’re getting into. ACE!

  • CowboysFan

    Ibagree! Darvish is getting so much hype for what? What has he done? Pitched in Japan? Really? He’s going to be a bust for sure.

  • vers1786

    Darvish will be a bust for sure. It’s the Texas way!

  • Yu Darvish will be like all the other Japanese baseball players…a complete BUST! He’s so over rated. Yes, he may have a good ERA in Japan, but the league ERA hovers around 2.55. What a joke. Why do people make such a big deal about players like Darvish who have never played. He’s such a BUST! It’s stupid to think other wise. There’s no ground to stand on. Darvish SUCKS!

    • james

      Darvish sucks… the guy hasnt even thrown a baseball yet. Sure I think all the hype is premature as well but to say he is already a bust is premature as well. Like all japanese baseball players??? I guess ichrio isnt any good??? lol Ichrio is just a former MVP and parenial allstar…